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This page last updated: March 6, 2016

Adaptive Bi-Xenon headlamps

2014-2105 model years

Standard on SRT and Summit models

Adaptive Bi-Xenon headlamps

2014 Grand Cherokee Adaptive Headlamps

The adaptive forward lighting headlamps adjust up to 15 degrees to help illuminate the road around corners at night. These high-tech headlamps "follow" the steering wheel based on speed and steering angle to give you the advantage of seeing what's up ahead. HID headlamps also assist the forward lighting feature and provide excellent lighting.

An additional benefit of adaptive headlights is that they prevent glare off the headlights for oncoming traffic. Also, if the car is going uphill or downhill, the headlights sense that and the bulbs will point downward/upward, again to help protect oncoming traffic from glare and "blinding." When driving, oncoming traffic is usually on the left side of a vehicle and thus it is important when turning left to have headlights that do not point directly into oncoming traffic. As a vehicle turns right, there are no oncoming lanes to the right side of the car and in turn the light can shine at a larger angle. The headlamps also have a feature that auto-levels them when vehicle weight change occurs to maintain optimal aim. This feature is great for when you are turning corners because it lights the road ahead of you, rather than waiting for the light to catch up with you.

Bi-xenon adaptive HID headlights provide a very crisp and bright light, with a blue-tinted hue coming off the lights. These headlamps provide more light output than standard reflector lamps and also generate less heat, which is important in preventing the LED bulbs inside from burning out.

Vehicles equipped with the optional Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFLS) (which includes the features formerly known as the headlamp leveling system) are also equipped with an AFLS module. The AFLS module is attached to the passenger headlamp assembly.

This module works in conjunction with the front and rear axle (leveling) sensors, the headlamp leveling motors, the headlamp swiveling motors and electronic message inputs received over the Controller Area Network (CAN) data bus from other electronic modules in the vehicle. The module provides automatic headlamp beam aim adjustment to compensate for changes in vehicle height or direction caused by changes in vehicle loading, acceleration, deceleration, steering wheel angle and YAW rate.

Concealed within the module housing is the circuitry of the module itself, which includes a microcontroller. The module is connected to the vehicle electrical system through an integral connector receptacle by a take out and connector of the headlamp and dash wire harness.

The Adaptive Bi-Xenon headlamps were introduced for the 2014 model year, and discontinued (for unknown reasons) at the end of the 2015 model year. They will most like reappear on future models of the Grand Cherokee.

2014 Grand Cherokee Adaptive Headlamps

2014 Grand Cherokee SRT


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