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This page last updated: February 3, 2013

WK2 exterior design and colors

Includes WK2Jeeps.com exclusive advance info

2011 Grand Cherokee Brilliant Black
Brilliant Black
2011 Grand Cherokee Black
2011 Grand Cherokee Dark Charcoal
Dark Charcoal
2011 Grand Cherokee Inferno Red
Inferno Red

2013 Grand Cherokee Deep Cherry Red
Deep Cherry Red
2011 Grand Cherokee Bright Silver
Bright Silver
2011 Grand Cherokee Stone White
Stone White
2013 Grand Cherokee Bright White
Bright White

2011 Grand Cherokee White Gold
White Gold
2011 Grand Cherokee Bronze Star
Bronze Star
2011 Grand Cherokee Rugged Brown
Rugged Brown
2012 Grand Cherokee Winter Chill
Winter Chill

2012 Grand Cherokee Black Forest Green
Black Forest Green
2011 Grand Cherokee Natural Green
Natural Green
2012 Grand Cherokee Maximum Steel
Maximum Steel
2011 Grand Cherokee Mineral Gray
Mineral Gray

2012 Grand Cherokee True Blue
True Blue
2011 Grand Cherokee Blackberry

The new 2011 Grand Cherokee is being launched with eight different exterior color choices. New colors are Blackberry Pearl Coat, Dark Charcoal Pearl Coat, Natural Green Pearl Coat and White Gold Clear Coat. Three additional colors were added later in the model year - Mineral Gray Metallic Clear Coat, Rugged Brown Pearl Coat and Bronze Star Pearl Coat.

Pearl Coat is a pigmented mineral coating that creates special brilliance and shine by reflecting and refracting sunlight, adding a dramatic sparkle to the vehicle finish.

Clear Coat is a premium coating applied over the color coat and is specially formulated to give optimum gloss and durability, helping to protect against harmful environmental elements.

WK2 exterior colors 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Paint
Brush p/n
Spray p/n
 1. Blackberry Pearl Coat X           HBVPBV 05163554AA05163555AA93813
 2. Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl Coat X X X X     AXRPXR 04889820AA04889821AA63818
 3. Black Clear Coat             DX8PX805127570AA05127571AA58311
 4. Dark Charcoal Pearl Coat X           HAV PAV 05163546AA05163547AA93814
 5. Inferno Red Crystal Pearl Coat X           ARHPRH 04889836AA04889837AA63816
 6. Deep Molten Red Pearl Coat   X         BR8 PR8< 04889868AA04889869AA64946
 7. Deep Cherry Red Crystal Pearl Coat   X X X     JRP PRP 05163648AA05163649AA 
 8. Redline 2 Pearl Coat
    (SRT models only)
      X       PRM    
 9. Deep Auburn Pearl Coat
    (Overland Summit models only)
      X     KEP PEP 68154175AA681541756AA 
 10. Natural Green Pearl Coat
    (discontinued March 8, 2011)    (reinstated April 1, 2011)
X           HGNPGN 05163544AA05163545AA95159
 11. Black Forest Green Pearl
    (production start December 2011)
  X X       KGZ PGZ 05163957AA05163940AA 
 12. Bright White Clear Coat     X X     GW7 PW7 04889598AB04889599AA 
 13. Stone White Clear Coat
    (discontinued March 2012)
X X         SW1 PW1 4864104AB0486410551539
 14. White Gold Clear Coat
    (discontinued March 8, 2011)    (resinstated March 28, 2011)
    (discontinued, order banks closed October 6, 2011)
X X         HWL PWL 05163552AA05163553AA93815
 15. Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat X X X       WS2PS2 05013709AA05013710AA81457
 16. Mineral Gray Metallic Clear Coat
    (production start November 2010) (also known as Tungsten Metallic)
X X X       CDM PDM 04889921AB04889922AA65886
 17. Granite Crystal Metallic Clear Coat       X     LAU PAU 68183829AA68183830AA 
 18. Billet Silver Metallic Clear Coat       X     JSC PSC 05163738AA05163739AA 
 19. Maximum Steel Metallic Clear Coat
    (production start December 2011)
  X X X     KAR PAR 68154430AA68154431AA 
 20. Rugged Brown Pearl Coat
    (Overland Summit Edition only)
    (production ends November 1, 2012)
X X X       GTW PTW 05163556AA05163557AA 
 21. Bronze Star Pearl Coat
    (70th Anniversary models only)
X           JUK PUK 05163773AA05163774AA 
 22. Canyon Brown Pearl Coat (cancelled)
    (Summit Edition only, also known as Saddle Brown Pearl and Blazing Saddle
    (Originally scheduled for Sept. 2011, cancelled 8/30/2011 and replaced with Rugged Brown)
  ---         JUS PUS 05163775AA05163776AA 
 23. True Blue Pearl Coat
    (available starting September 2011)
  X X       KBU PBU 05163947AA05163948AA 
 24. Winter Chill
    (production start December 2011)
    (production ends November 1, 2012)
  X X       JBA PBA 05163941AA05163942AA 
 25. Sapphire Crystal Metallic Pearl Coat       X     JBF PBF 05163655AA05163656AA 
 26. Pacific Blue Pearl Coat       X            
 27. Cashmere Pearl Coat       X     KFS PFS 05163949AA05163950AA 
Clear topcoat   1-C-- 0444363704443632n/a
Corrosion Inhibitor   1-P-- 8230050882300068n/a
Primer/Filler   2-P-- 0444363604443633n/a

Exterior design: Rugged SUV with sleek crossover

"The Jeep design team's mission was to completely redesign the Jeep Grand Cherokee and re-define the meaning of Jeep luxury," said Ralph Gilles, Vice President - Design, Chrysler LLC. "New and existing customers will be delighted by the world-class attention to detail on both the exterior and interior. The all-new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee confidently competes at every level of the full-size SUV segment, and in any market."

"Our all-new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is much more refined, focused and sportier than the model it replaces," said Ralph Gilles. "It has classic Jeep Grand Cherokee styling with sculpted athletic exterior refinements for 2011." Even when standing still, the all-new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee presents a striking image.

It sits higher. Has a wider stance. While simplified, the face of Grand Cherokee preserves the traditional "Jeep shield" containing the grille and headlamps. The chromed seven-slot grille, now sculpted into the front headlamps, is shorter in height - and gives the vehicle a solid, aggressive look.

With a sculpted and athletic profile, the all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee features very short front and rear overhangs. Integrated fog lamps are standard. The lower front fascia is removable and includes available tow hooks. Trapezoidal wheel arches ensure that Grand Cherokee's Jeep bloodlines are unmistakable. 17-inch wheels are standard, while 18-inch and impressive 20-inch wheels are optional.

Taillamps wrap from the rear quarter panel to the back of the vehicle, creating a more upscale appearance. Obviously, a refined, stylish exterior is standard on all trim levels - even the base Laredo looks exceptional.

"The Jeep® design team purposely added premium exterior design cues to the Laredo model and it now shares its exterior features with the Limited model," said Mark Allen, Chief Designer, Exterior and Interior Design Studio. "These subtle changes have a huge impact on the showroom floor."

Clearly, it looks great. But does that look translate into improved aerodynamics?


For starters, the all-new Grand Cherokee's higher, wider stance provides a stable and commanding presence on the road. To minimize drag, every surface of Grand Cherokee is designed to maximize aerodynamic performance. The body is triple-sealed. The underbody is flat. Virtually every detail of this new design was examined to deliver a 7 percent improvement in drag compared with the previous model. The result? Greater fuel efficiency and reduced wind noise - which is a perfect complement to the new interior.

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