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2019 Laredo
2019 Upland
2019 Altitude
2019 Limited
2019 Limited X
2019 Trailhawk

2019 Laredo, Upland, Altitude, Limited, Limited X and Trailhawk

2019 Overland
2019 High Altitude
2019 Summit
2019 SRT
2019 Trackhawk

2019 Overland, High Altitude, Summit, SRT and Trackhawk

2012-2020 Grand Cherokee SRT8

Grand Cherokee SRT8

** Features, pricing, options, photos and more **

2019 Grand Cherokee Trackhawk
2018 Grand Cherokee Trackhawk engine

2018-2020 Grand Cherokee Trackhawk - 6.2L Supercharged engine with 707HP

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2020 Features, options, pricing / What's New

2020 Standard Equip comparison list (all models)  (PDF)

2020 Group/Package Detail  (PDF)

2020 Laredo order guide  (PDF)

2020 Limited order guide  (PDF)

2020 Overland order guide  (PDF)

2020 SRT order guide  (PDF)

2020 Summit order guide  (PDF)

2020 Trackhawk order guide  (PDF)

2020 Trailhawk order guide  (PDF)

2020 feature availability  (PDF) 

2020 specifications  (PDF) 

2019 Features, options, pricing / What's New

2019 Grand Cherokee - Press Release USA (PDF)

2019 Standard Equip comparison list (all models)  (PDF)

2019 Specifications (all models)  (PDF)

2019 Group/Package Detail  (PDF)

2019 Feature availability (all models)  (PDF)

2018 Features, options, pricing / What's New

2018 Grand Cherokee - Press Release USA

2018 Standard Equip comparison list (all models)  (PDF)

2018 Specifications (all models)  (PDF)

2018 Jeep SRT8 - Global production totals

2018 Trackhawk - Global production totals

2018 Trackhawk - Global production totals RHD

2018 Trackhawk - Press Release USA April 2017

2018 Trackhawk - Press Release USA August 2017 (PDF)

2018 Trackhawk - Press Release Canada April 2017 (PDF)

2018 Trackhawk - Press Release Canada August 2017 (PDF)

2018 Trackhawk - Specifications (PDF)

2018 Trackhawk - Standard Equipment  (PDF)

2018 Grand Cherokee Altitude

2018 Grand Cherokee Upland

2017 Features, options, pricing / What's New

2017 Features, options, pricing - Canada

2017 Press Release (including SRT) - USA

2017 Specifications (including SRT)  (PDF)

2017 Feature availability (including SRT)  (PDF)

2017 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk press release

2017 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk standard equipment  (PDF)

2017 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk pricing & options

2017 Grand Cherokee Summit press release

2017 Standard equipment comparison list  (PDF)

2017 SRT Standard equipment  (PDF)

2017 SRT exterior colors

2017 Towing Specs (PDF)

2016 Features, options, pricing / What's New

2016 Press Release (including SRT) - USA

2016 Specifications (including SRT)  (PDF)

2016 Feature availability (including SRT)   (PDF)

2016 Standard equip. Comparison list  (PDF)

2016 SRT Standard Equipment  (PDF)

2016 3.6L Pentium engine upgrade

2016 New features for Uconnect radios

2016 High Altitude limited edition

2016 Summit edition

2016 SRT Night edition

2016 75th Anniversary Edition Jeeps

2015 Features, options, pricing / What's New

2015 Pricing and options - SRT

2015 Press Release - USA

2015 Press Release SRT - USA

2015 Specifications   (PDF)

2015 Specifications SRT   (PDF)

2015 Feature availability   (PDF)

2015 Feature availability SRT   (PDF)

2015 Standard equip. Comparison list  (PDF)

2015 SRT Standard Equipment (PDF)

2015 SRT Red Vapor edition, incl. production totals

2015 Grand Cherokee - Australian production totals

2015 Canada Standard Equip. Comparison list  (PDF)

2015 Altitude / Altitude III limited editions

2015 High Altitude limited edition

2015 Blackhawk limited editions (Australia)

2015 Summit edition

2015 Summit California edition (Platinum series)

2015 MJF Limited Edition - Switzerland

2014 Features, options, pricing / What's New

2014 model year price increases

2014 Press Release - USA

2014 Press Release SRT - USA

2014 Press Release & specs - Canada

2014 Press Release, images & specs - Europe

2014 Press images - USA

2014 Press images SRT - USA

2014 Specifications  (PDF)

2014 Specifications SRT   (PDF)

2014 Feature availability   (PDF)

2014 Safety and Security  (PDF)

2014 Standard equip. Comparison list  (PDF)

2014 Grand Cherokee interiors

2014 Grand Cherokee radios

2014 Grand Cherokee prelim. info / What's New

2014 Altitude limited editions

2014 Blackhawk limited editions (Australia)

2014 Summit edition

2014 Trailhawk II concept

2014 SRT detailed information

2013 Features, options, pricing / What's New

2013 Press Release

2013 Specifications  (PDF)

2013 Specifications (SRT)  (PDF)

2013 Feature availability  (PDF)

2013 Feature availability (SRT)   (PDF)

2013 Standard equip. comparison list

2013 Altitude limited editions

2013 Overland Summit edition

2013 Trailhawk concept & production models

2013 SRT Alpine & Vapor Editions

2013 SRT detailed information

2012 Features, options, pricing / What's New

2012 Press Release

2012 Specifications  (PDF)

2012 Specifications (SRT)  (PDF)

2012 Feature availability  (PDF)

2012 Feature availability (SRT)  (PDF)

2012 Standard equip. comparison list

2012 Altitude limited editions

2012 Black / Red concept editions

2012 Overland Summit edition

2012 S-Limited Grand Cherokee (export)

2012 SRT detailed information

2011 Features, options, pricing / What's New

2011 Sales launch press release (06/10)  (PDF)

2011 Specifications  (PDF)

2011 Feature availability (PDF)

2011 Standard equip. comparison list

2011 Overland Summit edition

2011 70th Anniversary Edition Jeeps

Introducing the all-new 4th generation
2011 Grand Cherokee:

  Part 1:   Introduction and photos
  Part 2:   Design
  Part 3:   Engineering / Q-Lift / 4x4 systems
  Part 4:   Powertrain
  Part 5:   Safety and Security
  Part 6:   Quality
  Part 7:   Connectivity / Infotainment
  Part 8:   Specifications
  Part 9:   Fuel Economy
  Part 10: Towing and payload capacity

Active Damping Suspension (SRT)

Active Head Restraints

Active Noise Cancellation

Adaptive Bi-Xenon headlamps

Adaptive Cruise Control

Airbag, knee blocker, removal (PDF)

Air cleaner, intake, removal 3.6L (PDF)

Air cleaner, intake, removal 5.7L (PDF)

Air cleaner, intake, removal 6.2L (PDF)

Air cleaner, intake, removal 6.4L (PDF)

Alpine edition, SRT 2013

Alpine premium audio system

Altitude / High Altitude editions 2012-2020

Airbag, knee blocker, removal (PDF)

Altitude / High Altitude editions 2012-2020

Anti-lock brakes (ABS) - description & operation

Ambient light kit, Mopar

Amplifier, removal (PDF)

Antennas - radio, GPS, cellular, bluetooth, DAB

Audio/video - wiring diagrams 2011-2013   (PDF)

Audio, base system - wiring diagram 2014  (PDF)

Audio, base system - wiring diagram 2019  (PDF)

Audio, premium system 1 - wiring diagram 2014  (PDF)

Audio, premium system 1 - wiring diagram 2019  (PDF)

Audio, premium system 2 - wiring diagram 2014   (PDF)

Audio, premium system 2 - wiring diagram 2019   (PDF)

Audio, premium, Harman Kardon audio system

Axles, front and rear

Badges and nameplates

Battery, Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM)

Brochures, manuals and literature 

Cabin air filter

Camera, back-up, Mopar accessory 2011-2019

Camera, back-up, description/removal

Camera, back-up, wiring, 2019 (PDF)

Capacities & recommended fluids 2011-2020

Cargo, load floor, Removal (PDF)

Cruise control systems

Dash & door appliques, delamination, SRT (PDF)

Door trim panel, front, removal (PDF)

Door trim panel, rear, removal (PDF)

DVD, rear entertainment system 2011-2013

DVD, rear entertainment system 2014-up

DVD player, removal (PDF)

Engine block heaters

Engine features & specifications

Exterior paint colors 2011-2020

Fascia, grille, headlamp removal 2011-2013 (PDF)

Fascia, grille, headlamp removal 2014-2017 (PDF)

Fascia, grille, front, removal 2018-2020 (PDF)

Fascia, rear, removal 2011-2017 (PDF)

Fascia, rear, removal 2018-2020 (PDF)

Floor console, removal (PDF)

FLO TV Auto Entertainment

Fluids, recommended & capacities 2011-2020

Fog lamp removal, front, 2011-2013 (PDF)

Fog lamp removal, front, 2014-up (PDF)

Fog lamp removal, rear, 2011-up (PDF)

Fog lamps, wiring, 2019 (PDF)

Forward Collision Warning system 2014-up

Fuel economy ratings 2011-2020 (EPA)

Fuel filter removal, 3.0L diesel (PDF)

Fuel pump, tank, removal / installation 2014-2020 (PDF)

Fuses, underhood 2011-2013 (PDF)

Fuses, underhood 2014 (PDF)

Fuses, underhood 2015 (PDF)

Fuses, underhood 2016 (PDF)

Fuses, underhood 2017 (PDF)

Fuses, underhood 2019 (PDF)

Future Jeep information

Glovebox, removal (PDF)

Grille, fascia and headlamp removal 2011-2013 (PDF)

Grille, fascia and headlamp removal 2014-2016 (PDF)

Harman Kardon premium audio system

Headlamps, Adaptive Bi-Xenon

Headlamp washer system

Headlamps, premium - 2014-2015 wiring diagram (PDF)

Headlamps, premium - 2019 wiring diagram (PDF)

Headlamps, halogen - 2019 wiring diagram (PDF)

Headlamps, bulb, halogen - Removal (PDF)

Headlamps - Removal 2014-2020 (PDF)

Headlamps - HID element, Removal (PDF)

High Altitude / Altitude editions 2012-2020

Hill Descent Control

Hill Start Assist

Interior colors and features

Interior trim removal

Jacking and hoisting lift points (PDF)  

Jefferson North Assembly Plant - 5 millionth vehicle

Jefferson North Assembly Plant - 6 millionth vehicle

Jefferson North Assembly Plant transformation - 2010

Jump starting (PDF)

Liftgate trim removal (PDF)

Liftgate,power, latch - manual override (PDF)

Lighting, exterior - description & operation

Lighting, exterior - 2014 wiring diagram (PDF)

Lighting, interior - 2014 wiring diagram (PDF)

Luggage rack, removal (PDF)

Maintenance information and schedules

Media port, wiring, 2019 (PDF)

Mirror, chrome trim cap, installation (PDF)

Mirror, rearview, wiring pinouts (PDF)

Mirror, side, removal / glass removal (PDF)

Mopar accessories catalogs 2011-2015

Navigation radios 2011-2013

Navigation radios 2014-2017

Navigation radios 2018-2020

Oil and filter change (3.6L) (PDF)

Oil and filter change (Hemi engines)

Oil change indicator system

Oil coolers, engine

Overhead console removal (PDF)

Overland Summit editions

Owners manuals

Paint colors, exterior 2011-2020 

Photos - official 2011 press images

Power Dist. Center, fuse diagram 2014 (PDF)

Power Dist. Center, fuse diagram 2018 (PDF)

Power outlets, wiring, 2019 (PDF)

Pricing, 2011, (USA and Canada)

Pricing, 2012, (USA)

Pricing, 2013, (USA)

Pricing, 2014, (USA and Canada)

Pricing, 2015, (USA and Canada)

Pricing, 2016, (USA and Canada)

Pricing, 2017, (USA and Canada)

Pricing, 2018, (USA)

Pricing, 2019, (USA)

Pricing, 2020, (USA)

Pricing, base MSRP at introduction 2011-2020 (USA)

Production, 5 millionth vehicle at JNAP

Production, 6 millionth vehicle at JNAP

Production totals, 2012 Jeep SRT8

Production totals, 2013 Jeep SRT8

Production totals, 2014 Jeep SRT8

Production totals, 2015 Jeep SRT8

Production totals, 2016 Jeep SRT8

Production totals, 2017 Jeep SRT8

Production totals, 2018 Jeep SRT8

Production totals, 2018 Jeep Trackhawk

Production totals, 2018 Jeep Trackhawk RHD

Production totals, all SRT models 2006-2018

Production totals, 2015 Grand Cherokee, Australia

Quadra-Drive II

Quadra-Lift air suspension system

Quarter trim panel, interior, Removal (PDF)

Radio and speakers, removal

Radios, 2011-2013 models, navigation (RHB, RER and RHR)

Radios, 2011-2013 models, feature comparison

Radios, 2011-2013 models, parts list (PDF)

Radios, 2014-2017 models

Radios, 2018-2020 models 

Radios, 2018-2020 models, removal

Rear entertainment system, wiring diagram 2014-2015 (pdf)

Recalls & Technical Service Bulletins (TSB's)

Remote start kits, Mopar

Safety features 2011-2014

Safety & Security Technology Glossary 2018 (PDF)

Sales (monthly), production dates & milestones 2011-2019

Scuff plate, cargo - Removal (PDF)

Seats, memory system wiring diagram 2014 (PDF)

Seats, wiring diagram 2014-2015 (PDF)

Selec-Speed system 2014-up models

Selec-Terrain system

Shifter, knob & bezel removal 2011-2013 (PDF)

Shifter knob & bezel removal 2014-2016 (PDF)

Shifter knob & bezel removal 2017-2020 (PDF)

S-Limited Grand Cherokee (export)

Spoiler, rear - removal (2011-2013) (PDF)

Springs, rear - removal (PDF)

SRT Grand Cherokee - Exterior colors 2012-2017

SRT Grand Cherokee - Special section

SRT Grand Cherokee production totals 2012

SRT Grand Cherokee production totals 2013

SRT Grand Cherokee production totals 2014

SRT Grand Cherokee production totals 2015

SRT Grand Cherokee production totals 2016

SRT Grand Cherokee production totals 2017

SRT Grand Cherokee production totals 2018

SRT All models production totals 2005-2018

Summit editions 2011-2017

Suspension, front, creak (PDF)

Suspension system - standard

Suspension system, Air - Quadra-Lift

Suspension system - Active Damping (SRT)

Taillamp removal, 2018 (PDF)

Technology Glossary

Technical Service Bulletins (TSB's) & Recalls 

Tire Pressure Monitor Systems

Tire Pressure Monitor System, wiring, 2019 (PDF)

Tires, Pirelli run flat, warranty (PDF)

Towing and payload capacity

Towing, vehicle (PDF)

Trailer towing, wiring diagram 2014-2015 (PDF)

Trailhawk concept, 2013

Trailer Sway Damping

Transfer cases and 4WD systems

Transmission, shift lever override (PDF)

Transmission, 2nd gen 8HP-75

Transmissions, general information

Uconnect Market Commerce Platform

Vapor edition, 2013 SRT

Video Ent. System, wiring 2019 (PDF)

VIN decoding charts 2011-2020 & build sheet info

Wheels and tires, 2011-2020 

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2014 Summit (Europe)

2014 Grand Cherokee Summit (Europe)

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